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15 May

Part Deux: PixelPlusMedia Update

Part 2 of 3… or more.

So, where were we?

It had been another hectic week and we’ve seem to have lost track of time.  Exciting things (jump-out-of-your-skin-exciting) have been happening but we’re back-logged 2 years here.

Yep, that kind of exciting! sorta..

I suppose we jump off to our Summer of 2013 activation for the Nike LVL Up Dubai. It was a really SICK event concept that blew us geeks away: combine an actual sporting tournament with video-game-type swag across the digital hemisphere via Facebook (if course!).

How was this done, you say? Facebook RFiD (see 01:24 mark)!

And oh, did we forget to mention these?  These upside down babies are RFiD-enabled proximity product displays.  People look at the shoe, shiny things shine, they swipe to vote!

The results were pretty good.  We had 107 registrations for over a 3 hour period which resulted to 600++ actions generated through Facebook.  Out of this figure, we got over 27,000++ facebook impressions (read: essentially free facebook ads that are user-generated) in just 3 hours.

The facebook analytics engine (apart from the backend CMS) provides for a robust analytics engine that gives you stats for your events in real-time.  Reach goes up exponentially and each and every interaction goes out live whether through Facebook updates, Video Uploads and Imagery.

That’s it for now.  On our next post, we’ll talk about some Augmented Reality Deployments for some of the automotive brands here in Dubai.

Ciao! Ciao!


23 Feb

HP Twitter Wisher & Other Updates

DUBAI, U.A.E.  It’s been quite busy here for the past few months.  We’ve built up quite an interesting portfolio that constantly bridge the gap between online and offline platforms.

But before we begin to discuss, let’s see what we’ve been missing out on here in the desert:

Now that we’re done with wishful thinking, let’s see what was implemented here in the Gulf.  First we go to Qatar, where we kicked off our energy binge:


The magic in these books is within the interaction itself.  It does not use the usual camera-based tracking methods commonly employed the world over.  Instead, it uses the same capacitive interaction techniques that allow users to interact with the books without any obvious tracking devices within the vicinity. There are numerous applications, especially in retail, that can utilize the same technology – whether to activate visual displays or for other more functional purposes.

Up next in our energy tour, we implemented a multitouch videowall for the World Future Energy Summit 2012 in Abu Dhabi.  Likewise, the video wall came along with remade content for the interactive books.

The method tracking for the videowall is brilliant.  It is barely affected by lighting conditions and the accuracy is just spot on.  With proper content development and an understanding of “layer-based” tracking, this instrument has huge potential.

Simultaneously, we were drawing close to the new year.  As such, one of our clients, Y&R Dubai, had a crazy idea of implementing a twitter balloon campaign for HP. Thus, the project was born:


This project ran for a total of 24 hours but reached  54 countries.  It also reached Mashable and other international news outlets.

While some other projects are still under wraps (therefore, you must wait), the latest install that we implemented was for Intel at Jacky’s in the Dubai Mall.  Check out this virtual mannequin:


We’ll be implementing a few more of these around Dubai.  In the meantime, watch out for updates on this post!

06 Jun

Orbit 180 comes to the Kingdom!

We’ve recently sent out this baby to the Kingdom to inspire University students to get involved with emerging technologies.  After what felt like ages of Saudi Customs Clearance, the Orbit 180 finally arrived in Riyadh – just in time.  Check out the video below!


See a photo of the exhibit below:

Orbit 180 Hologram in KSA

09 Apr

Interactive Art

Some interesting use for immersive media as applied in culture and the arts.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please have a look through Carol Feuerman’s “Tree” Sculpture with Interactive Projection.




Let’s hope we can have something like this in Art Dubai next year!

09 Apr

Jotun Augmented Reality Redux

In the recently concluded Construction Week held at Abu Dhabi, Jotun paints once again used an Augmented Reality Kiosk to present their Jotashield Product Line in 3D.




You can experience the application by going to Jotun’s Jotashield Microsite ( – created by Xische.

15 Mar

Art Dubai Live

In a serious bout of Indiana Jones Syndrome, Ivar, Larry, Wisam and myself were held up at the rafters in the Madinat Arena for over 4 hours installing camera systems for Xische’s Art Dubai Live!

Check out images of the installation below!


Art Dubai opens tomorrow (March 16, 2011) and will run until the 19th!  If you’re lucky, you might run into Ivar and he’ll give art history lessons all day.


If you missed the exhibition, have a look through the website.  It would look something like this:



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