15 May

Part Deux: PixelPlusMedia Update

Part 2 of 3… or more.

So, where were we?

It had been another hectic week and we’ve seem to have lost track of time.  Exciting things (jump-out-of-your-skin-exciting) have been happening but we’re back-logged 2 years here.

Yep, that kind of exciting! sorta..

I suppose we jump off to our Summer of 2013 activation for the Nike LVL Up Dubai. It was a really SICK event concept that blew us geeks away: combine an actual sporting tournament with video-game-type swag across the digital hemisphere via Facebook (if course!).

How was this done, you say? Facebook RFiD (see 01:24 mark)!

And oh, did we forget to mention these?  These upside down babies are RFiD-enabled proximity product displays.  People look at the shoe, shiny things shine, they swipe to vote!

The results were pretty good.  We had 107 registrations for over a 3 hour period which resulted to 600++ actions generated through Facebook.  Out of this figure, we got over 27,000++ facebook impressions (read: essentially free facebook ads that are user-generated) in just 3 hours.

The facebook analytics engine (apart from the backend CMS) provides for a robust analytics engine that gives you stats for your events in real-time.  Reach goes up exponentially and each and every interaction goes out live whether through Facebook updates, Video Uploads and Imagery.

That’s it for now.  On our next post, we’ll talk about some Augmented Reality Deployments for some of the automotive brands here in Dubai.

Ciao! Ciao!


01 May

A long overdue update on what’s been ticking at PixelPlusMedia’s Dubai Offices.

(Part 1 of 3… or more)

Hello folks!

We can’t believe that it’s been well over a year of putting off writing another blog entry.  Rest assured, it’s well justified as we had been keeping ourselves busy creating and developing new products and experiences for marketing and advertising in Dubai.

Busy thinking of new things.

Busy thinking of new things.

Creative technology (as they call it) has been pushing the boundaries of live activations and retail installations in Dubai (so we hope).

Let’s start it off little by little – starting with 2013.

Below, we have our award-winning (Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, Dubai Lynx, The Effies and others – Google it, Baby!) product deployment for Y&R Dubai.  The idea (otherwise known as The Headline News Cup Sleeve for Tim Horton’s) was quite simple yet effective – read the latest news along with your fresh cup of coffee.

How was it done?  See below:

Next up, we worked on yet another great idea by Y&R Dubai! The LR4 Escape Key (as we found out) was a real epic in terms of production.  Back in the dark ages when hipsters were less techie, we were already well into product prototyping (or 3D printing).  Enter video:

Awesome as that was, these creative types in Dubai kept coming up with crazy new ideas – all of which, we were happy to oblige them with.

———> Ooops! We’re over 200 words! We’ll put up another post soon!


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