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Pixel Plus Media
Dubai Investment Park – 2

P.O.Box 127962, Dubai, UAE
E: hello(at)
T: +971 4 885-7562


We specialize in creating and integrating digital experiences for physical spaces – covering the entire solution from hardware, electronics, visual effects, software, interface design, product design, manufacture and the whole stretch.

Everything we deliver is custom-built and executed with meticulous precision. Our work is never pulled off-the-shelf. We invent, design, produce and deliver high-quality products and solutions uniquely applied to every creative situation.

We work with and for advertising, media and marketing agencies to produce award-winning experiential activations that seamlessly integrate both physical and digital realities.

From The Tim Horton’s Headline News Cup Sleeve to Coca-Cola’s Hello Happiness Phone Booth – to 3M’s virtual mannequin and Infiniti’s Orbit Hologram displays – these are some examples of our work where we have literally pushed digital into real-world situations that very few can imagine.


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